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golf tech walker trolleys 2020 pga golf show

It’s more that just golf. The 40,000 attendees at the 2020 PGA Show had the opportunity to find golf tech products from all over the world that “can make a difference.”

A difference in our swing, a difference in our driving distance, a difference in how we feel on the course and even a difference in how we maintain the courses we play.

Each January, I walk the nine miles of aisles at the Orange County Convention Center looking for the best new products and seeing what technology might be behind them as they get released to the golfing public.

Ranger Ready Mosquito Repellent

If you have a relationship with mosquitos or insects, it’s probably a “love/hate relationship.” Meaning they love to bite you and you hate the itching and scratching that follows. Ranger Ready offers the first line of protection against biting insects, using the CDC recommended active ingredient, Picaridin 20%. With four premium scents and a 360 degree fine mist spray, Ranger Ready is suitable for daily use on skin, clothing and gear. Mosquitos are found in every region of the world except Antarctica, so always be prepared to protect yourself by using a mosquito repellent with an active ingredient that is recommended by the CDC and approved by the EPA, like picaridin. When traveling by air, be sure to bring a Ranger Ready travel size bug spray that is 3.4 oz or smaller, which is the approved size by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Bottles start at $9 at www.RangerReady.com

golf tech ranger ready mosquito repellent 2020 pga golf show

A Former Apple Designer and a Baby Stroller Engineer Debut Walker Trolleys

Being a golfer himself, Brad Payne had a brilliant idea while working for Apple. He thought he could design a better golf push cart that’s actually easy to fold and tote around. It just happens that his brother-in-law worked in the baby stroller world and the end result, Walker Trolleys, was on display at the PGA Show. Made with premium materials, waxed canvas, leather and anodized aluminum, this is a trolley built to last! The cart has a throwback look, but it’s well built and pushes and pulls with ease.

See the two price points at www.walkertrolleys.com

golf tech walker trolleys 2020 pga golf show

Bunker Wizard

I knew there had to be a better and more effective way to rake a bunker. I didn’t realize it was the Bunker Wizard. A device that was designed to create the smoothest surface as possible in a bunker. The Bunker Wizard looks like a paint roller without the brush attached and gets rid of everything from footprints to pesky marks in the sand with one swipe. It’s so easy to use and keeps bunkers looking good all day long!

See more at www.momentussports.com/product/bunker-wizard/

golf tech bunker wizard rake 2020 pga golf show


I stumbled upon Mimi Lee and her product, SParms, which stands for sun protection for arms while walking some of the tight aisles at The Show. For many golfers, including a growing number of LPGA players, it is one of the most popular forms of blocking out the sun. SParms cover the entire length of someone’s arm and appear as if they’re wearing a long sleeve shirt. The sleeves reduce skin temperature by more than five degrees and have an SPF 50 sunblocker. Players can also apply water to the sleeves, which acts as a cooling mechanism.

Order at: www.sparms.com.au

golf tech sparms sun protection arms 2020 pga golf show

Bridgestone VFIT Ball Fitting

Bridgestone Golf takes seriously being known as the No. 1 Ball Fitter in Golf. For 2020, they have introduced VFIT. Anyone can get a ball fitting done by a Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting Experts by recording a slow motion video on a smartphone. It’s as easy as recording a slow-mo video and submitting right to Bridgestone. You’ll be asked a few questions and in 24 hours you will receive an email explaining what Bridgeston ball is right for you.

Get your fitting: https://www.bridgestonegolf.com/en-us/find-my-ball/video-get-fit

golf tech vfit ball fitting bridgestone 2020 pga golf show

Muscle MX

Out of the dozens of CBD companies at the Show, one stood out to me. Muscle MX! Muscle MX is the easy to use, on-the go CBD brand that will have you hitting the green pain-free without the danger of opioids. Muscle MX provides real pain relief without any negative effects of pain medications that are designed to provide short and long term pain relief and inflammation reduction while stimulating the blood flow and increasing circulation and mobility for your active lifestyle.They make different products for pre and post workouts. They are safe and they work!

See what Muscle MX can do for you at: https://musclemx.com

golf tech muscle mx cbd 2020 pga golf show
Rick Limpert has been voted the No. 1 Sports Tech Writer in America on two occasions. He is based in Atlanta and can be seen on CBS and NBC in Atlanta and Fox News, well as each weekend on iHeartRadio. Follow him on Twitter at @RickRoswell.

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