Best Way to Lower Your Golf Score Is to Forget About It


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If you’re like most players, you know exactly what you want to shoot in order to feel like a success instead of a failure when the round is over. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to play well. Your score just shouldn’t be your focus while you’re actually playing. The more time you spend thinking about your score the more you can actually hurt your chances of posting a good one. The best way to lower your golf score is to forget about it.


Golfers make the game harder than it was designed to be when they allow their thinking to get off track. Have you ever thought, “Wow! If I keep this up, I could actually break 80 (or 90) today!” This is an example of a future-oriented focus. Throw in some thoughts about the poor shot you’d like to make up for on the last hole, and now you are pinballing between the past, present, and future.

You cannot change the past or predict the future. Your power lies in the present alone. What you can control is how well you prepare for and execute one shot at a time. When you play with your attention focused on the right things you prevent yourself from being influenced by what came before the current shot or what may come after it. The more you maintain a present-centered focus the higher the probability that you will produce solid shots, reduce miss-hits, and cumulatively achieve the score you desire. Are you beginning to see why the best way to lower your score is to forget about it?

The Best Way to Stay Invested in the Present

To stay present-centered during a round you must let go of the score, the past, and the “what if’s” of the future. This will enable you to give 100% of your attention to the shot at hand. To play great you need to consciously choose to play one shot at a time.

Let’s say you average 90 shots per round. I recommend that you invest your best in the 90 individual opportunities you have to execute one great shot. I teach my clients to play the game in one-shot challenges. Your goal on a single shot should be centered on getting the ball to your next desired target and achieving nothing more.

Every shot counts one, so avoid adding pressure by trying to make up for the past or force something to happen in the future. Both are unattainable and will only add a lot of mental clutter when you want to be playing with a quiet mind.

You can train yourself to focus on the task at hand and prevent anything that occurred in the past or might happen in the future from influencing your shot plan in the present. This is how you leverage your best mental and physical resources one shot at a time. By repeatedly following a disciplined process you can increase the probability of stringing together a series of good shots that ultimately lead to the score you desire.

Leave me a comment below and tell me what kinds of distractions tend to pull your attention away from the task at hand.

Pay attention to the times during a round when you find your thoughts getting wrapped up in the numbers. Self-awareness is the first step to regaining control of your thought habits. If you discover that your mind has drifted away from the present, hit the pause button before hitting your shot so you give yourself a change to get your thoughts back on track.

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Until next time…PLAY GREAT!​

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